Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the wheels on the bus

I have found a new favorite mode of transportation: travelling by bus! At first the idea gave me flashbacks of high school choir and band trips. In actuality, it was so much better than that (minus the friends, of course). I took the Mega Bus (www.megabus.com) to Boston for the weekend. It had the comfort of a charter bus, the convenience of a train, and no obnoxious airline security to go through, plus it was SUPER CHEAP. I spent $32 for my roundtrip ticket. I can't even fill up half my gas tank for that little, not to mention tolls, wear and tear on the car, and the fact that I didn't have to drive!!! The last point is key considering I can only make it about 20 minutes without falling asleep while driving these days.
Anyway, I had a very relaxing trip. I slept most of the way between Philly and NYC, spent my 2 hour layover (do you still call it a layover when you aren't flying???) in New York wandering around Broadway, then read and relaxed on the way to Boston. I was so comfortable in my own little world I didn't notice there was a storm raging on outside my window.
I highly recommend this mode of travel for anyone on the east coast. Mega Bus travels between NYC, Philly, DC, Baltimore, Boston and Toronto. All you westerners will just have to travel the old fashion way. (John would like you to let us know when automobiles replace the horse and buggy. (Isn't he a stinker?!))


ShaNae said...

Oh yeah, we definitely just bought a bus ticket to New York for $1 the other day. It was awesome. We love buses.

The Whitings in Philly said...

so what did you do in Boston? how were you so lucky to go on a trip alone? sounds awesome.