Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The day we finished building the swing set John found a toad hopping through the yard. Samuel claimed it as his pet (naming it Toady Toad if you can believe it.) so we set up one of our small fish tanks with rocks and water and stuck our new pet in there to play. John has been catching crickets for its meals. The next day James found a baby toad in the back yard (He named his Froggy) so now he has a pet too. In order to play with their pets the boys take them out of the aquarium and put them in a big cardboard box with rocks and sand and a little water so they can reach in and pet them and pick them up and everything.
I have never been one for creapy crawlies or amphibious thingys. The boys only get to play with their toads when daddy is home to catch them if they get loose.
I feel so bad for these poor toads. My kids keep picking up their toads and dropping them, putting leaves on them, swinging them on the swings, setting them in the water to see if they'll swim, etc. As I said, I am not a big fan of amphibious thingys, but there can't be anything worse than being the pets of two, little, curious boys.


Heather said...

I am with you on this one...I am not much of an animal person...yikes...poor toads

Katie said...

When she was about 8 or so, my mom told my sister that she absolutely couldn't keep a toad she found b/c they are "dirty animals." My sister promply grabbed some dish soap and gave him a bath. He turned blue, and died.

Thus ended her time with her pet toad.