Monday, August 4, 2008


I finished Breaking Dawn last night. It took me longer than expected, in part because I was trying not to ignore my family (it drives John crazy when I do that) and in part because I had some issues with the book. I think I am going to have to reread it before I come to a final verdict but right now I have definite mixed feelings. Did anyone else feel the same way? I enjoyed the beginning, part of the middle and I was glad how it ended -although Stephenie sure took her time resolving every little issue.
I actually stayed up Friday night and went to a midnight party to pick up the book. I have to tell you, the Borders staff was pretty impressive. It only took about 40 minutes for me to get the book and I was at the end of the monstrous line, at least 500 fans. It was an interesting crowd, mostly teenage girls and their friends or mothers. There were several women about my age or older there on their own as well and even some men. I saw one guy there with his two kids (one probably only 3 yrs old) and I figured either he really loved the books or he really loves his wife. =)

I am dying to hear reactions to the book. Let me know how you all liked it!


Phee said...

Still on page 55. Will comment when I'm through...I suck.

As to the opera CD. I'm going to give you my secondary email address, just in case there's a webcrawler looking for email addresses to spam. Once you write me, I'll write you back from my real address.

This is totally cloak and dagger!

Heather said...

I thought it was slow. I liked the end though. I read to distract myself though, so I wasn't reading it as I normally would have. It made me kinda sick to my stomach at parts too.

Stevens1007 said...

Overall, I liked it. I was also happy with how it ended. However, I was not as riveted to it as I was to the other Twilight books (especially the first one).

Oh, & the guy you saw at Borders just may have been getting it for his wife. Last year when the final Harry Potter book came out, Aaron braved the midnight release for me since I was pregnant & sick!

consensa said...

Hi Erin! Becca mentioned that you posted about this. I'm halfway through the book now and didn't really enjoy Bella's drawn out "event" at all. It was a bit much. However, I've just moved on to the Bella section and am eager to see how this part unfolds! I'll be back in touch again once I've finished it.