Saturday, August 16, 2008

Operation Swing Set is complete!

It only took us 5 days (or 18 hours over the space of 5 days) and the swing set is officially done! The kids have been with us "helping" every step of the way. And by helping I mean, losing screws and tools and running over our toes with their wagon or firetruck and fighting each other with sticks. The project took on a new face on Wednesday when we realized in addition to putting the swing set together, we also needed to dig out some of the obnoxious bushes that are in our back yard to make room for it. That job fell to me since John is the power tool king. I have had years of yard work experience (thanks Mom!) so it was no big deal... until today. I think I hit the mother of all bushes. The one from which all the rest of the bushes in the yard must have sprung. Some of the roots of this thing were thicker than my arm and would not respond to any of my repeated attempts to dislodge them. Our neighbor, obviously curious about my not so quiet cursing of the bushes and my husband for giving me the job, brought over a pickax and ax for me to try out. I managed to chop through 3 of the monster roots until I had to surrender the ax to John because I just couldn't do it. I put in a good 45 min - hour trying to get that thing out of the ground. John put another hour into it and finally got the mutant bush out of the ground. There are still several more bushes to go but the ones closest to the swing set are out and we are exhausted - but very pleased. So anyone who has kids (or who just likes to swing) is welcome to come on over and try it out. The boys will be more than happy to share!

The only casualty in the whole process, besides the bushes that is, was my poor Samuel. One of the evenings we were outside working I forgot to put bug spray on him. The poor kid attracts mosquitoes like I do. He woke up the next morning with his legs covered in about 40 welts from all the bites he got. Yes, I deserve the worst mother of the year award! At least the calamine lotion helped!