Sunday, August 24, 2008

well, that was quick

I regret to inform you that Froggy (James' little toad) passed away today. What was that, like two weeks? That must be some kind of record! I think Lisa's kids' pets lasted longer than that!! James and Sam were playing with their toads and I think James actually threw his toad (how do you explain fragile to a 3 year old when something isn't obviously breakable?) and then was confused when it didn't swim when he put it back in the water. Anyway, James was somewhat chagrined, but his three year old sensibilities were able to get over it pretty quickly. John buried the little toad in the trash can and now we are down to one toad again. Aww shucks.

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Meeker home said...

This is why we can't get a dog. We are just not good to our pets. We have had a handful of fish that have lived no longer than a few days. I always feel bad when we get them because I know that their life expectancy has just dramatically decreased by becoming a part of our family. My kids swish the bowl too much and overfeed them, and well, then they die. Poor fish.