Friday, August 22, 2008

stupid cable company!!!

Outrageously priced
Testing my patience

We switched to cable when we moved into our new house. Previously we had DirecTV which I LOVED. However, they didn't provide Internet so we were stuck with Verizon and we just couldn't take the slowness anymore, hence the switch.
Anyway, our cable was installed the day we moved in and has yet to work correctly. We have had 4 separate cable guys out to fix the problem and it still does not work well. The picture periodically goes gray, breaks up, and then we get a black screen for hours on end. Tell me please, why are we paying to watch a blank screen because I haven't figured that out yet! The Internet works well for the most part, but occasionally has its glitches too.
I am so frustrated because you would think that if you were going to run a business that you would run it well, keeping customer satisfaction in mind. But that is just me.
I am currently watching a black screen (a new Olympic event in our household), seething and trying to keep myself from calling this cable company. Because if I call now, they are going to hear what I really think of them and I am not supposed to use that kind of language around my kids.
Has anyone else had similar problems or are we just the lucky ones? Oh, wait, it just came back on. I better go enjoy my TV for the 5 minutes that it is going to work.


Zack said...

Comcast, I assume.
This should help.


Or, just send an email to the CEO, Brian Roberts ( I did that and had my billing problem squared away within two days, and an executive contact person who I can call when I have any problem whatsoever with their service.

Or, alternatively, you can just brood.

Heather said...

DO BOTH!! Zack's good at making really annoying things right or knowing how to get them made right :)

yamsey said...

Zach, you are my hero! I hope it works!

Phee said...

Hey! Umm....I burned your CD but I lost your address. Can you send it to me again at jared[dot]mcpherson[at]yahoo[dot]com?

Brad, Adrienne, McKenna, Bryn said...

We finally gave up on Comcast all together because of those same issues and went running back to Dish.

echecchio said...

So sorry, that can be so frustrating. I have no advice, only sympathy.