Wednesday, August 13, 2008

attack of the mosquitos

We promised the boys that when we moved into our new house we would get them one of those cool swing sets. Thanks to my awesome big sister, Keri, we found one online that we could actually afford (kind of. I mean, can anyone really afford to spend that much money on something just for fun???).

Anyway, the downfall of ordering something like this online is that now we have to put it together ourselves. Keri said it only took Tim two days to put it together. We figure that for the average brain, even one as bright as John's, it will take us a week or two.

The swing set arrived yesterday in 5 huge, very heavy boxes and John and I began the construction when he got home from work, around 6pm. At about 8:30pm we called it quits. We had put together 10 of the 60+ boards and I amassed dozens of mosquito bites in the process. Our yard is infested with mutant mosquitoes. I had put on 3 layers of Off and finally ended up running inside to put jeans and socks and sneakers on. Even then I think I still got some bites through the thick fabric of my jeans. I even got some on my ears!!! It is so not fair! John didn't get any. Why is it that some of us attract all of the mosquitoes while others are just used as a landing pad? Seriously, I would love to know.


Heather said...

We have this too... I get eaten alive and Tom doesn't even have 1...make me so mad!! Have fun with the swingset!!!

Meeker home said...

I'm so glad you brought that up because I always get about 10 times what other people do. I think it's just that we smell so good :)

ShaNae said...

Yeah, we had dinner with a bunch of people the other night and we left the doors open to keep the fresh air moving. I got 10 mosquito bites, no joke, and most of the other people got 0. I think 1 other person got one. Guess we just taste good.

Amy said...

Actually.. (said in a rather professor-ry voice) Mosquito reactions are considered allergic reactions, with 90% of the world having at least a mild allergy to mosquitos. Some people are just more allergic than others. Not to rub it in, but I'm one of the 10% who do not have any reaction at all to mosquitos.