Sunday, August 28, 2011

Terrible Twos?

So a few weeks ago my baby turned two.  The last few months leading up to his birthday I was afraid that Matthew was going to be one of those toddlers who coined the phrase "terrible twos" but since his actual b-day he has mellowed quite a bit- or else we have been too busy for him to pitch fits.  I'm not sure which.
Matthew at two is quite the charmer.  He still has that killer smile and belly laugh and is just so stinking cute if I do say so myself.  He talks non stop and is actually understandable much of the time.  (Although I did leave a translation guide for the babysitter when I left the kids for a couple of days to go to Utah.)  He acts like he is two going on eight.  He thinks he can do anything and everything his biggest brother, Samuel, does.  He has oficially hit tht Thomas the Train stage and is obsessed with his engines and tracks and plays with them all time.  He also still loves all things Mickey Mouse.  My parents sent him a couple of Mickey books for his birthday and now he makes me read one of them to him 10-15 times a day and he sleeps with it for naptime and bedtime.  However, that means he will pleasantly go to sleep without screaming so I am all over that!
For his birthday this year we had a Mickey Mouse party, of course, with family and close friends.  I even attempted a Mickey cake which turned out pretty darn well.  (I am a little cocky this post!)

As for two year old pictures, I usually go to Target because they do a decent job and don't cost an arm and a leg.  Unfortunately, since the last time we went, they started charging a $9.99 sitting fee per person.  Forget that!  I took my awesome camera (a Christmas gift from my amazing husband) and decided to take his two year old pictures myself.  What do you think?