Friday, January 30, 2009

super sniffer

I have a superpower. Every time I am pregnant I develop an extraordinary good sense of smell. I have no idea why this happens, but there is no escaping my super sniffer. For instance, if someone is eating peppers within a five mile radius, I know it. My kids are no longer able to sneak treats in the kitchen; even if I am in the attic with the door closed not only can I smell them in the kitchen, I can tell you exactly what they are into. So stinkers beware! If you have any odors you are trying to hide make sure you stay a good distance from me.
And if you happened to skip a shower or two, for mercy's sake, my stomache is still delicate so unless you want to get bowled over as I make a mad dash for the porcelin god, keep away!!!


International Tease said...

My friend Elaine from college had the same problem. She loved Body Shop products and then got pregnant and moved them all to the guest bathroom (yay for me!).

Heather said...

oh yea...I'm the same way. GAH!

The Palmers said...

Thats how I know when I am pregnant too.