Tuesday, January 13, 2009

too relaxing?

I think our vacation to Utah must have been too relaxing. Want proof? Check this out!

This is James sleeping through Theo's blessing and the accompanying party.

Theo was so tired, he knocked his daddy out too!

Now how can that be comfortable??? Can you tell that Sam is sleeping on John's head?! I came in for bed one night after a long day of running around with cousins and this is what I found. Now where am I supposed to sleep?

And last but not least, while we were at the playground one day, relaxing, I found the best location for our next family portrait. Isn't this beautiful?!!!


Rebecca said...

Adorable pics. And yes, that is the perfect spot for future family photos! Gorgeous.

Phee said...


yamsey said...

=) That is actually short for him. For a while there Ty's hair was actually longer than mine. When he had his gotee all the primary kids thought he was Jesus.