Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the name game

With the new baby on the way the boys have already been discussing what to name her- I say her because they are convinced she is a girl -we don't have any proof yet. Samuel was set on Obi Wan Traverso until I painstakingly convinced him that Obi Wan was NOT a girls name. ("What about Obi Wan with the long hair down?" James confusedly asked. "No, not even then!") So then we ran the gammut of Star Wars girls characters and the boys, with John egging them on, came up with Asouka Tanno Ratto Traverso, compliments of Star Wars the Clone Wars.
Shoot me now!
Anyhow, I am not really sure the boys (all three of them) should have any say in the matter of naming the baby. After all, when presented with the opportunity to name their stuffed animals, Samuel came up with Marty Stripes and Marty Zebra for his zebras and Aaron the Elephant (Aaron pronounced AA-Rin); while James came up with the stunningly clever Lamby the Sheep and Lamby the Lamby for his Lambs and for his new dragon webkinz, what else but Dragon the Dragon! Not to mention that Samuel was lovingly referred to as Bagel in-utero while James was auspiciously called Wookie. Both courtesy of John.
I think if it is up to them we will end up naming our new arrival Baby the Baby or Girl the Girl.
Maybe I should invest in a Baby Names book.


Anonymous said...

My mom wanted us to name our daughter "Roisin" (pronounced row-Sheen)... uhh... no.

WhiteEyebrows said...

Loved this...laughed out loud several times. Favorite one.. Lamby the Sheep and Lamby the Lamb.

Danielle said...

WHen do you find out what you're having? Once you do I'll shoot a few name ideas your way...

Rebecca said...

Hmm.... I don't know if you should be allowed to name the baby on your own, because I know you--you'd just pick something out of Twilight! ;) How many Bellas are being born right now, do you think?

So here are some alternative suggestions:

How would Baby Girl the Baby Girl suit you? Or, if you wanted to get creative, how about Bebe the Baby, or even Girlee the Girl? If you like those ideas, your kids and I have more where they came from. So just let me know. :)

p.s. Sam & James crack me up. They are the best!