Thursday, January 15, 2009

webkinz crazy

I know Erin K. already posted about this topic but I wanted to add my two cents. We got Sam a webkinz elephant for Christmas and the entire family has become completely enthralled by the whole deal. John and I have been spending the last couple of evenings playing the games on so Samuel could build more rooms and decorate, feed and clothe his webkin. In fact, I am embarrased to say, I spent most of the day on the website just for the fun of it. While Sam was at school James wanted his turn to play the games and feed the webkin--now we know what to get him for his birthday. Just when I thought I wasted enough time on the computer, I found this new way to throw away an entire day.

I think I need some professional help! Is there such things as Webkinz Anonymous?


Danielle said...

The boys love their webkinz. I think we have about 10 of them roaming around the house. Make sure you try and get the fish so you can build a cool underwater room. I really enjoy the word making game and operation gumball...I know addiciting!

yamsey said...

I am loving the eleven solitare game and cash cow. Ugh! Make me stop!

yamsey said...

I am loving the eleven solitare game and cash cow. Ugh! Make me stop!

valerie said...

Hehe I figured I'd leave my 2 cents here.

First of all, it's webkinz singular and plural. I've been through this argument many times with my parents. You can say "one webkinz" or "seven webkinz" and it works.

Second of all, I don't blame you for being addicted. My friend has an account and her mom does too and I play with her mom more often then I do with her.

Over the past year and a half or so, I've acquired 18 webkinz and from Jan to the summer, I was buying one a month. Talk about a lot of webkinz!

Cashcow is fun, but cashcow 2 is more fun in my opinion. I also love polar plunge.

Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. :]