Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sam's first day of Kindergarten

Today was Sam's first official day of kindergarten. At 12:04 the bus picked him up right in front of our house. I was mildly anxious for him. He was nervous too but we said a quick prayer before he left and that helped him feel better.
In the three hours that Sam was gone I missed him more every passing moment- but not why you think. I had no idea how much he kept James occupied! While Sam was at school James had me play a race car game on the x-box with him, watch an Elmo video, play Candyland, play Pangoloo, play Hungry Hungry Hippos, and set up 4 different train tracks and move the trains around the tracks making choo choo noises all the while. It was exhausting!! I really need to find something for James to do during the day and soon.
At 3:10 the bus dropped him off at home again.
I was not the only one glad to see him come home!


Meeker home said...

Wow- is Sam really in Kindergarten?? I guess I will always imagine him as a 2-year-old boy. Sweet about James missing him.

Tom and Tara Lyman said...

quite possibly the cutest thing I've seen when it comes to the first day of school!
Miss you guys too. Pool days were great, too bad I only made it to two!