Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???!!!

Ok, so one of my favorite things about the fall, beside the amazing colors of the leaves when they change, is that it marks the beginning of football season. I LOVE football!! I know that may seem crazy to a lot of people but I grew up with a very athletic older brother and a football fanatic for a mother so watching football was part of my family rituals. When I married John, he converted me to an Eagles fan and I have not looked back since.
Part of the fun of watching the Eagles play is that we actually have a personal connection to the team. Andy and Tami Reid were in our ward when we first got married and we had the opportunity to get to know them and babysit their kids. We also had a chance to meet Donovan McNabb. I entered John in a drawing and we actually won. So we got to go to the NovaCare Complex (the Eagles training grounds) for a tour and a dinner with Donovan. He was charming and personable and we left feeling like our team was in very capable hands. I'll have to scan in the picture of us with Donovan sometime... Watching the Eagles is especially fun to watch because of the people of Philadelphia. Fans here live and die by the Eagles. On game day everyone is in Eagles jerseys and talking excitedly about the game. People on the streets will chat amiably with anyone in a jersey, stranger or no. The day after game day there is a noticeable feeling of joy and kindness if the birds won. If they lost, there is a day of mourning for the entire city.

Anyway, John and I stayed up last night to watch the Eagles vs Cowboys game. The first half was amazing and really inspired a lot of hope for the season. Although, admittedly, DeSean Jackson is an idiot. Look up the story to find out why. The second half was not quite as impressive and disappointing, but for the most part the birds did a pretty good job. Maybe the season will not be as awful as 610 WIP (the sports talk radio station in Philly) has been predicitng. Only time will tell.

We will thrash those Cowboy coakroaches next time!!

E-A-G-L-E-S. Eagles!!!!!

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WhiteEyebrows said...

Sorry we beat you last night. DeSean is a total idiot... deserves to be mocked openly and loudly.

I'm not a huge cowboys fan, but since you are a huge eagles fan, I feel the need to gloat.

gloat gloat gloat.