Monday, September 22, 2008


I was watching the first part of 60 Minutes last night (it was on after the Eagles game) which was an interview of John McCain and Barak Obama. I am not a fan of either candidate and am currently trying to decide which is the lesser of two evils. However, I heard something last night that may actually make me vote Obama. John McCain is apparently an advocate of making a preemptive strike against threats to this country. He said he would never attack another country unless there was absolute proof of their intentions to harm us. I am all for keeping the people of this country safe. However, what John McCain sees as absolute proof and what the rest of the world sees as absolute proof could very well be two different things. Didn't George W. say he had absolute proof that Iraq had wepons of mass destruction? Isn't that why we started this god forsaken war there in the first place?!
In my mind what we need now is a leader who is honest, intelligent, with lots of experience in the financial sector, not swayed by special interests, having no personal vendettas, and with the ability to work with both parties to get the country back on a good course...or at least a course better than we are now. That shouldn't be too hard, should it? Unfortunately, that description doesn't match either of the candidates. I am disappointed that a primary race which was so exciting, with so many possibilities, has been whittled down to this hopeless affair.

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Andrea said...

AMEN to that Erin. I've been thinking the same thing. If the economy rather than the war had been a bigger deal during the primaries, perhaps Mitt Romney would have been on top. I would way rather have his record in financial turn-arounds than the jokers we have to chose from right now. Yikes.