Saturday, August 1, 2009

issues vs drama

Ok, apologies to any and all who are a part of the news media these days but I have a serious contention with you. What the frack?! I have been trying to find out what, exactly, the new health care plan is going to be. Every day there is article after article about the ongoing debate or Obama's campaigning on behalf of his pet project, but NONE of the articles actually provide helpful information as to what the program will include. Isn't that the most important part of the debate???
This article posted on Yahoo news this morning is a prime example of my frustrations. For example, it cites that "The measure is designed to extend health insurance to millions who now lack it, at the same time it strives to slow the growth in medical costs nationwide - Obama's twin goals."
Thank you Captain Obvious! We have known that much since Obama's campaign for the presidency. How are they planning to do this is what I want to know! Of course, for today's journalists, that is apparently too difficult a question. This article even states what the Republican's would rather do ("seek reforms that allow small businesses to band together..."), but continues to dodge any sort of detail as to what has actually been decided. You would think that from a 1,000 page bill, as a senator disclosed yesterday, that the news reporters would be able to pick up at least a hint of what is being discussed. So far, they are doing a crappy job. From all of the reports I have read and heard so far I know who hasn't voted for the bill, that Obama is taking a hit because the bill is taking such a long time in discussion, a senator from one of the major committees on the debate has prostate cancer (but don't worry, he is still running for reelection next term) and that the different factions in both Republican and Democratic circles are at serious odds over minute points in the bill. I still know NOTHING about the bill itself! Maybe the news could focus on reporting the actual issue rather than all of the drama surrounding it! That would be oh, so helpful!!


WhiteEyebrows said...

I absolutely hear you! Hardly any real journalism out there these days...

but this helps:

Steph said...

Funny you should write about this. Steve and I have been having this ongoing discussion for the last few weeks. Glad you agree. Who knows what to think.