Wednesday, August 12, 2009

what did he do to my van???

I had to take a few minutes break from taking pictures of baby Matthew (aka Mr. T) to tell you about a little discussed side effect of labor and delivery. It is called "Leaving Daddy in Charge."
When the time came for Matthew and I to leave the hospital, John pulled up in my recently detailed mini van to take us home. I almost passed out when I opened the door and considering I just survived labor, that is saying something. The inside was full of ... stuff. I wanted to call Clean House from TLC to help return it to its previous state of organization. So what was causing the clutter?

Here is a partial list:
swimming towels, suits, floaties, etc.
grocery bags of snacks in partially eaten states
wrappers from said snacks
shoes - not necessarily in pairs
hand written directions to some unknown (to me) destination
a really nasty blanket that John says is from his parents' house
last week's mail (did he bring that to the van from inside the house?)
components of a pink pong table complete with paddles and balls but missing the table itself
and an old water bottle partially refilled with a suspicious yellow liquid

add one newborn
all the stuff from the hospital (paperwork, samples, etc.)
my hospital bag
both my and John's laptops
and a tired but happy mama

As you can imagine the van was classified by Governor Rendell as a state of emergency for the entire Philadelphia region. It is a good thing my Mom was on her way to help out.

More pictures of Matthew coming soon!

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Amy said...

This is awesome! God bless our husbands and their lovingly disorganized way of "helping out".