Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth

Every year we Americans drag ourselves and our kids down to some bug infested park to subject ourselves to half an hour of damagingly loud explosions and bright lights the combination of which causes terror and trauma in our youngest children. And we like it! Maybe it is just me but it seems like a strange way to celebrate the Independence of our country.
This year we went down to the Ridley Park lake (or pond - as I call it) to watch the fireworks. They do a decent fireworks display but there is no patriotic music accompanying the show. I missed the music. A fireworks diesplay without the patriotic music is really just a lot of noise and light with no purpose, in my personal opinion. Samuel, however, was completely enthralled. James, who hates the noise and is terrified of the whole concept, buried himself in our blanket, covered his ears, curled up in my lap and ...fell asleep. Typical James.

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