Friday, July 10, 2009

i hate people

You know, sometimes I really hate people. Please keep in mind I am 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant, but still...

Yesterday I was on my way to the bank. I was driving in the right hand lane of Sproul Road just as a light turned green. One of the two cars in the left lane travelling the same direction, a white pick-up actually, must not have seen me and started drifiting into my lane without signalling or anything. He saw me and pulled back into his own lane but not until he layed on his horn at me for a solid 5 seconds at least. Annoying, but whatever. Anyway, I passed the pick-up and the car in front of them and then pulled into the left lane. As I checked in my rear view mirrow I saw the pick-up trying to pass the car between us via the turning lane. A car was stopped in front of them so they veered over two lanes and was flooring it trying to catch up with me. What the heck? We were coming up on another stop light where some other cars were stopped. The pick-up driver pulled up on the shoulder on the far right and started yelling his head off at me. I ignored him but was wondering what in the world I had done to annoy him so much. I didn't even do anything wrong.

So today I went grocery shopping at BJ's. I pulled into a spot but it was a tight fit as the car on the right was parked illegally in a not-quite-big-enough spot. Anyway, at the end of my shopping with kids fighting all the time and after lifting cases of water and juice pouches and everything, I walk out to my van. The car which had been parked illegally was gone but apparently I had annoyed them and they decided to throw a half-empty soda all over the right side of my van as a parting gift. I got the kids in the van withou them getting all sticky and rearranged the bikes and scooters we had left in the back of the van the other night so I could fit the groceries in. All the while pausing for painful braxton-hicks contractions (which happen every time I bend over or change position of any sort) and fighting tears over how mean people are these days without the slightest provocation. I cried the entire way home, unloaded my groceries, and dragged the hose out of the back yard to spray off the side of my van before the soda dried completely.

You know, there are some days when I just really hate people.


Jamie said...

oh Erin! I'm so sorry that people are being so mean! You're almost there! Not that this will help with the mean people problem, but you'll probably feel a whole lot better.

Becca said...

This is why you should move to southern california. :)

i'm sorry people are mean. :(

Jacob Quinn said...

Sorry that some drivers are jerks sometimes... I'd tell you to do what I do when I'm driving... but I doubt you have 53000 lbs of metal and armament with metal spikes to "ease" into their lane, or a .50 cal to stare them down with.

Hope that you have some great days to even it out before your next little one comes! - Jake

Heather said...

UGH! I'm sorry!! i don't get why people have to be like that! Hang in there!