Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (spoilers included)

I know, I know, most of you are just waiting to hear when the baby comes (trust me, I am too) but since he seems to be taking his own sweet time about the whole thing I figured I would get a few things off my mind while I have the time.
John and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie on opening weekend. In preparation we both reread book 6 (and book 7 because really, how do you stop after book 6?) to get ourselves all psyched up. I actually wish I hadn't read the book. Despite my serious case of placenta brain, I was still able to remember all of the details from the book while I was watching the movie which was really distracting. After the flick when I was able to step back and look objectively at the movie, I really loved it. I thought it carried on with the spirit of the book quite well (although I could have done with less of the love story and more of the horcruxes thank you very much) and had some very charming scenes. I think one of my favorite scenes was the one between Harry and Hermione after Ron kissed Lavendar for the first time. It was not exactly how it went in the book, but it was so good I didn't care! Quidditch was also totally awesome. I am so glad we got to see some this movie.A couple of disappointments: the Ginny/Harry kiss
(come ON! They could have made it so much better!), the added scene when the Burrow went up in flames (Where exactly are they planning on having the wedding in the next movie?), and the lack of a fight scene inside Hogwarts at the end of the movie. I understand the director wanting to save all of the inside Hogwarts action for movie 7 (and 8) but seriously, my favorite part about the fight at the end of book 6 is that the DA was out there using the skills they had learned from Harry to protect the castle, not to metion the whole Bill/werewolf thing.

Overall, I think the movie was pretty awesome. Considering they are planning on breaking book 7 into two movies, they should have plenty of opportunitiy to make up for things they left out in movie 6.

Grade A-

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