Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Myrtle Beach Update

Due to all the craziness going on around here lately, I forgot to post any pictures from our Myrtle Beach vacation. This year we finally convinced John's entire family along with some family friends to join us. We had 17 people and it was a blast! We will be going next year (the week leading up to Father's Day) and anyone is welcome to join us!
The picture above is from a bridge at Broadway at the Beach. It is a collection of fun little shops (including Build a Dino) and some awesome restaraunts.

The next three pictures are us having fun at the waterpark located on the resort where we stay.

On the other side of the water park is the beach! We usually spent mornings at the waterpark and the afternoon at the beach.

After the beach we cleaned up and went out to dinner. Every night we went somewhere different. I think we had a few too many all-you-can-eat places on the list this year- including an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet that has chocolate chip cookie dough pizza. They all tasted soooooo good.
Of course what is a family vacation without James falling asleep in the middle of everything?!

After dinner we went to the Family Kingdom to take the kids on rides. This picture is James and John after they won the first annual Traverso go-kart rally.
Other nights we would do a little shopping. This is a picture of the whole group at Broadway at the Beach. Along with the stores they usually have street performers making balloon animals or juggling or doing magic trips. I love Myrtle Beach!


The Whitings in Philly said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the waterpark. I just told our kids this morning that we're not going to the beach this year and of course they're sad about it...but we're going to Utah instead. We'll have to try Myrtle Beach one year. Glad you got a big group to go...that is always so fun.

Danielle said...

We got your CD today...thanks! Blake LOVED telling us about each photo and event...hopefully we can all come next year!

Laura said...

What a crew! Thank you so much for the DVD! You know we are so there for next year. Thanks for a great memory - I know we all had a blast! See you and kiddo #3 (who will have a name by then) in June 2010!

Jamie said...

My DVD didn't work:( but the trip was awesome!