Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Samuel John!

Yesterday was Samuel's 6th birthday. Holy cow! I can't believe he is 6!! He is such a sweet boy and so intelligent and funny but also totally innocent. Friday is Sam's last day of Kindergarten and then it is onwards and upwards to first grade and all day at school! I don't think I am ready for that, but I know he is. Before I know it he'll be 16 and asking for the car keys so he can take some girl out on a date! Maybe John is right and we won't let the boys date until they're 21!

Anyway, Samuel had school today so James and I took in some cookies for him to share with his class at snack time. John had a softball game last night so after the game we came home and Sam opened some presents. Tonight we will celebrate his birthday as a family at Chuck E Cheese and Saturday is a party for both of the boys with their friends. Here are a few pictures from yesterday but there will be more to come on the weekend.
The birthday boy last year with Taybree. (You should see his eyes light up when he says her name!)

Opening presents on his birthday yesterday.

Sam's favorite thing to do...play with Daddy and James!

Sam's favortie present so far- a webkinz zebra... maybe he should have asked for his two front teeth.


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!!

Jewels said...

Happy Birthday to your big little boy!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Sam- Taybree sure thought it was fun to hang out with you at that last game. We miss living close to you guys!