Friday, July 11, 2008

strange dreams

I can not wait until we move! I have finally reached the point of stress (not bad stress, mostly excitement/anticipation) that I am having trouble sleeping. The other night I was up until about 3am because I could not turn my brain off - I was decorating our new house in my mind and deciding where to put furniture, etc. Anyway, I have hit the point where I am so wound up that when I do fall asleep I am having bizarre dreams. REALLY BIZARRE DREAMS! So strange, I actually remember them.
You PVHS people will appreciate this one: Last night I had a dream that Mr Eaton and Mr Lister chose to do a musical that was half in English and half in Russian. Mr Eaton was reading through the script with me, correcting my pronunciation of the Russian. (As far as I know, he doesn't speak Russian) The show was about a Mexican Revolution of some sort and I got to play one of the two main guys. Weird. Last night I impressed myself with the new degree of craziness which my dreams have reached! I am looking forward to the blissful, dreamless sleep that complete physical and mental exhaustion will bring after the move.


International Tease said...

I'm SO with you!!! I move tomorrow and no weird dreams, but I can't think about anything except how I want my new place to look.

Heather said...

I hate dreaming like that. It gets so old! I dream like that when I am pregnant...every single night...totally vivid weird dreams...Hope your move goes well! Wish we could help :)

Amy said...

That brings to mind some funny images of high school...and of my wierd english-italian dreams.