Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Thanks to Danielle's blog I decided to buy some beads for my kids to give them something to do while I am packing and cleaning and generally going crazy getting the house ready to move. Unfortunately my plan backfired and I have spent more time helping the kids make their bead animals than I have working on the house. Oh well, it has been fun anyway and the boys love the animals. Heres a little peek at our handiwork.

And just so I can remember why I am going crazy packing my house...



Rebecca said...

Oh, so those are the bead animals! :) They are very, very cute.

Danielle said...

Those things are so darn addicting! i do have to say though, it has been the best babysitter! I actually enjoy doing them, and sometimes I catch my Mom working hard on them too...=) I'm glad you got them!

Nathan & Amy said...

Hello old friend. Wow things have sure changed over the years. You have two beautiful little boys. However, I have to say that you haven't changed a bit. Good luck with the move.
--Amy (Fry) Warby