Monday, July 28, 2008

new house pics

Finally! I actually took pictures of the house today. We don't have any art work or family pics hung up and are still getting books on the shelves, etc. I am also still working on convincing John that we need to repaint some of the rooms. He is in a no-projects-ever-again phase. So the house doesn't look much different than it did before we moved in, but here is what it looks like with our mess. Enjoy!
Living Room with the thousand pound bookshelves.

Dining Room the table is covered with pictures waiting to be hung.

Our office. There are a ton of awesome built in bookshelves!

Hall bath with Sam's most favorite feature in the house -- the blue toilet.

The boys' room. We really need to get James a bed that matches Sam's. But the blue race car is cool.
Master bedroom. This is actually a really big space, it is just hard to tell via my digital camera.

Our really messy playroom/guest room. The kids missed their toys while they were packed. I haven't had the heart to clean them up yet.

The pictures really don't do it justice. To really appreciate the house, I guess you will all just have to visit! I will even clean up the guest room for you.


Rebecca said...

The bookshelves look great to either side of the fireplace. I'm so glad that worked out! :)

Brad, Adrienne, McKenna, Bryn said...

Thank you for all of your help yesterday. It made the last few errands with the kids more bearable. They slept so well that night. Sleeping in the car just doesn't cut it.

WhiteEyebrows said...

the floors are beautiful! I can understand the no-projects thing, but I think the first order of business is to replace that blue commode! (you can put it in Sam's room, but don't let him use it...)

echecchio said...

The space looks great...and I love the blue toilet, I can see how it is a favorite :)
I can't believe your truck troubles, like you need more stress while you are moving!!!

Heather said...

Eventually it'll all come together how you want. :) It looks nice so step at a time right :)