Thursday, July 31, 2008

100 things Erin

I tried this once before and never made it past 37. Let's see if I can do better today without putting everyone to sleep.

1) I love our new house.
2) I am a chocaholic.
3) I love my kids
4) ...but sometimes they drive me crazy
5) I am the youngest of 5 kids.
6) If you count my step siblings on my mom's side, the youngest of 10.
7) If you count my step siblings on my dad's side, the youngest of 13.
8) I haven't met all of my dad's step kids yet.
9) I am homesick for Utah, especially the mountains,
10) but I love living in Philadelphia!
11) Spring is my favorite season
12) because it means winter (my least favorite) is OVER!
13) I love it when someone gives me flowers...
14) it also makes me a little sad because eventually the flowers die.
15) I don't wear perfume because I think it makes me smell funny.
16) I like the good smelling lotions though.
17) I miss having long hair.
18) I used to dream up hair styles for the plays I was in.
19) I miss my friends from high school
20) but I don't miss high school!
21) I really miss college!!
22) I wish I still sang with an a'capella group.
23) I create a'capella arrangements in my head when I listen to the radio.
24) I sing pretty much all the time, either in my head or out loud.
25) I used to pretend to be a famous opera singer.
26) I can't really sing opera very well. My voice is better suited for musical theater.
27) But I love to listen to opera - especially when sung by tenors!
28) I love tenors!!
29) But I always dated basses.
30) I married a guy who is tone deaf but I love him anyway. =)
31) I am happy I married someone smarter than me
32) and more sane than me too.
33) Of course, John would joke, that is not too hard.
34) My favorite color is blue or red or purple depending on the day.
35) I sleep with 3 pillows... more when I am pregnant.
36) I am super self-conscious about my legs, especially my hips and thighs.
37) I love to dance - anytime, anywhere.
38) I love shoes even though that is so cliche.
39) I don't know what I want to do with my life when I grow up.
40) I used to have my life mapped out and then realized that was silly because I never followed my plan.
41) I like being spontaneous.
42) Unfortunately, I have found that difficult with kids.
43) I love watching my kids play together.
44) Hearing them laugh melts my heart.
45) I enjoy the details in life.
46) That is why I have fun decorating my house, because I get to add details.
47) I do not like overly floral patterns in my house.
48) The previous owners left floral curtains in our new house. The first thing I did was take them down.
49) I also don't really like hearts as jewelery or decorations...
50) except on Valentine's Day.
51) I prefer earth tones in my house: browns, blues, greens.
52) I can't wait to repaint our peach family room.
53) I love my boys but I wish I had a girl.
54) I have a pink satin blanket stored away just in case.
55) I miss my sisters.
56) I miss my mom, too.
57) I wish someone would create a teleporter already so I could see them more often.
58) I love that I have big brothers.
59) They were my protectors when I was growing up,
60) especially Jared.
61) He once buried a boy's face in the dirt because he was exceptionally rude to me.
62) He has been my hero ever since then.
63) Jared also grilled the guys I dated in high school. "What are your intentions toward my sister?"
64) He liked to embarrass me.
65) I am actually very shy, especially around people I don't know very well.
66) I cover up being shy by pretending to be an extrovert.
67) Sometimes it works.
68) Sometimes it makes me more shy.
69) I once dated a guy I met on an airplane.
70) It was weird.
71) I played the trumpet in middle school and high school, so did John.
72) I still have mine.
73) We pull it out occasionally to entertain the kids.
74) I still remember the fingering, though I don't play very well.
75) I also remember almost every word to every song I have ever sung.
76) I am constantly correcting John on the words to songs off the radio or from musicals.
77) I try not to be annoying about it but I think it bugs him.
78) I find it ironic that I can't remember much of anything but lyrics always stick in my head.
79) I am afraid that I will have Alzheimer's since my memory is so bad.
80) I don't have a family history for it though.
81) I don't like cats.
82) I love dogs.
83) I can't have either because I am so allergic to the dander.
84) We did have a bunny for a while but he made me sick too.
85) My kids are in for a life of fish and turtles as pets.
86) They kind of creap me out but I can deal with it.
87) I enjoy watching cartoons with my kids.
88) I love going to movies in the movie theaters.
89) My first movie theater memory is going to see "The Princess Bride"
90) It is still one of my favorite movies.
91) I am a Star Wars fanatic.
92) I also grew up watching Star Trek TNG
93) I love to read!
94) I read to escape real life and for fun.
95) I do not like depressing books but will read pretty much anything else.
96) My current favorites are the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer.
97) I also love the Harry Potter books.
98) John and I read them out loud together.
99) I am a picky eater.
100) I could eat ice cream all day, every day, and never get sick of it.

Phew! I made it! Now if you survived reading the whole thing, it is your turn!


Meeker home said...

Yeah! I love the "100 Things" posts! You learn so mcu about people. You are so funny! #28-30 made me laugh out loud. Love it!

Phee said...

You finish Breaking Dawn yet? Chrissa just finished it, so I'm now on page 16...

I miss Utah too! =(

I just burned Shauna the BEST opera mix. If you email me your home address, I'll mail you a copy.

If you don't have my email address, let me know.