Sunday, July 27, 2008

just a little hitch

Well, we survived moving and are now safely ensconced in our new home. The move was a production - worthy of a Chevy Chase movie! We loaded the van on Wednesday the 16th with the help of some awesome guys from church. They didn't even complain (too much) about the 10 odd book shelves they helped move. Had it not been for brother Besson, I am convinced that we would never have fit all of that stuff in the truck. He is the amazing Tetris master!

Thursday night we drove the van to John's parents' house, took a dip in the pool, and steeled ourselves for closing day. Friday the 18th we closed on our Foss house at 9am and our new home at 11am. There were virtually no problems (Thanks to our awesome realtor, Emily) and John even took off the afternoon to do some preliminary moving. He got the truck to our house and with the help of our new ward, unloaded in less than an hour. We fed them pizza and sent them home. So far, so good, right? Too bad we have a history of trouble with moving vans! John, Dave and Gavin were packed in the truck ready to head to John's parents' house to pick up the millions of boxes we have been storing there for the last 2 months. Just as they were pulling out of the driveway, the hitch on the back of the moving van dug into the asphalt in the middle of the road and the truck jerked to a stop. It was stuck. One of our new neighbors came over with a jack and some wood. He tried jacking up the truck and putting wood under the tires, but nothing seemed to work- no matter how many ways they tried. (Kick me for not thinking to take pictures before it got so dark! But you get the idea...)Finally, about 9:30pm, John came in and asked me to call a tow truck. Hooray for AAA! They were the only place that was open and they sent a couple of guys out. They got here about 11:00pm and had the truck unstuck within a matter of minutes. They had never seen something like this before and thought it was hillarious. We thought they were hillarious - it only took them a few minutes to get us unstuck, but in those few minutes they argued with and cursed each other like nobodys business. We thought they could take their act on the road... oh wait, they already had!
Pictures of the house to come soon! We are still unpacking as half of our stuff is still at John's parents' house!


WhiteEyebrows said...

congrats on your move and your new casa! can't wait to see photos..

and the truck story was PRICELESS!

Kim said...

How exciting... in the new house.. we can't wait to come visit and see the new place!