Tuesday, May 13, 2008

simple pleasures

This is in response to Lizzie's tag. Here is a list of the simple pleasures I enjoy.

1. reading - and having a husband who understands how much I love to read even when I sometimes ignore him and the kids.
2. summer mornings - There is nothing like waking up to a beautiful, sunny summer day with the light streaming in through the windows.
3. softball games - John has played softball for the last 10 years (okay, so that is as long as I have known him). I love sitting outside in the early evening and chatting with the wives and kids of the other players.
4. music - I always have a song in my head, like there is a soundtrack constantly running through my life, even though you can't hear it. Music is my emotional outlet.
5. hugging my kids. I don't think this one needs an explaination.
6. dairy queen peanut butter cup blizzard with chocolate ice cream!!!!!
7. surprise letters and packages from my family - I am always homesick for them.
8. fresh raspberries and strawberries - they remind me of my Grammy.
9. new clothes - they make me feel beautiful and confident.
10. our new house - OK, maybe that isn't a simple pleasure, but it is definitely a big one in my life right now!!!

So, there is my list. What is yours?

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Amy said...

This simple pleasures thing is a great idea! I hope you don't mind my stealing it and doing one on my own blog! It reminds me of you, and your truly unique personality.