Friday, May 30, 2008


My kids form attachments to people in the strangest ways. Wednesday we had an electrician at the house for a few hours fixing some stuff our buyers requested. For some reason (maybe the tools?) my boys took an instant liking to Frank and spent about an hour and a half following him around the house and copying his every move as best they could. James strapped on his Sesame Street tool belt and Sam grabbed his tool box as they peppered Frank with questions.
Sam: "Hey, do you have one of these?" (holding up a hammer)
Frank: "Yep." (trying not to crack up)
Sam: "Where is it?"
Frank: "In my truck."
Sam: "Wow."
Then either Sam or James would repeat the same series of questions holding up each of their tools one at a time. I was in the other room laughing my head off! Samuel had the best comment of all, "Hey, did you know my dad fixes things too?"
While Frank was out at his truck getting something the boys shared their enthusiasm with me. "Mom, I love him! I want to be just like him."
"Me too!"


Q Crew said...

HAR HAR HAR (Tim Allen grunts...) ... good stuff... the testosterone runs strong in these boys!!!

Erin, could you shoot me the e-mail of your brother at Ft Riley? I'm trying to find somewhere to park my van for two weeks whole I'm in Arizona, before I head to Riley for training. I'd would love some ideas for places to park it!!! Thanks-Jake

Heather said...

That is so funny!

Amy said...

That is awesome! My little Avalon does the same thing! She decided in church today that she was in love with the little boy on the row in front of her (even though we just moved in and she doesn't even know him) and he liked her, too, and they were instant best friends! Oh! To be a child! By the way... I miss you. Do you have a web cam?

echecchio said...

Thats hysterical! I love the "my dad fixes things too" comment. So funny!

yamsey said...

We have a web cam but issues with getting it to work. If we ever figure it out we will have to chat.