Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of Mother's Day I wanted to share a little bit about my mom...
I have the most amazing mom ever. She and my dad were divorced when I was 12. My mom held it together for the sake of her kids. She held down one full time and one part time job while she was putting herself through school. And although she was very, very busy, she was always front and center for our dance recitals, choir concerts, plays and sporting events. On top of that, my mom is fun to hang out with. During my senior year in high school my mom and I were both dating. We would go out separately (doubling would have been way too weird even with my mom) then come home and sit on her bed and chat about our dates.
One day when there was a girl's choice dance ( in Utah those dates normally last from the end of the school day until midnight), I was hanging out at home with my date and the other couples we were going to the dance with. We had distributed squirt guns as prizes from a scavenger hunt we had done earlier, and embarked on a full out water fight inside the house! While my date was filling up his squirt gun at the kitchen sink my mom told him, "Now that isn't the way to do it." Then she proceeded to fill up a drinking glass and dump it on his head! My mom was the guidence counselor at my high school so she knew my date and all of my friends for that matter. My date was completely dumbfounded but the rest of us were laughing too hard to commiserate with him.
As for a more recent story, we will be moving in July. My mom is planning on coming to Philadelphia to help with the move, just like she helped with our last move and the moves of all of my siblings at one point or another. Her only question is should she fly put after she helps Lisa drive back to Kansas from Utah, or should she rent a UHaul and drive to Philly so she can bring us some furniture from my grandfather's house.
My mom is strong and independant and compassionate and loving and spends her life helping others and taking care of her children (which includes her kids, step-kids, in-laws, students, our friends, members of our ward and pretty much anyone else who walks into her door at home or at school). If you are ever in St. George, UT, let me know and I'll give her your address. She is always willing to open her home and let new friends into her circle of love.


WhiteEyebrows said...

Your mom is one of the most incredible women I've been blessed to know. I still live by (and often quote) counsel she gave me when I was in school... "sammy, you have to be a human being, not a human doing."

so happy mother's day to both you and her.

Rebecca said...

Great post! I know I am fortunate to have the best mother-in-law imaginable. :) Yay for Liz!

Amy said...

Sweet mama! I love your mother So much! Your tribute is beautiful.