Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sam was on something today.  Every time he opened his mouth he had us cracking up!
For example:

Sam (looking at Matthew):  Oh!  He's growing a neck!


Sam:  Dad what was your grandma's name?
John:  Well one of my grandmas was named Regina.
Sam:  That's a pretty name.  I know a pretty R name too:  Rachel.  That is Tigress' middle name!

Tigress is Samuel's tiger webkinz now apparently named Tigress Rachel Traverso

Rachel is a girl in Samuel's first grade class who rides the bus with him.  He also happens to have a little crush on her.  In fact, he takes his smallest elephant stuffed animal to school with him almost every day because it is Rachel's favorite and he knows she will sit with him on the bus if he has it with him.

Watch out girls, here he comes!

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