Monday, January 11, 2010

5 months

Yes, I know I have two other kids and I promise I will post about them soon, but Matthew just hit the five month mark.  We didn't have an official doctors visit so I tried weighing him on our scale at home- 19.5lbs in case you were wondering.  Of course that was fully dressed and with a really full diaper so actual weight is probably closer to 18lbs.
Matthew is starting to hit the playful stage.  He LOVES when his big brothers talk to him (and they do- in a cute little baby talk), he LOVES when Daddy holds him or talks to him or looks at him and he is also starting to enjoy his toys. 
Matthew has also started some solids.  He is a champion cereal eater and is a big fan of sweet potatoes and squash.  (Are we sure he is our kid?)  He is also adamantly opposed to peas. (Yep.  He's ours!)
It won't be long before Matthew is rolling over and sitting up.  He can do both about halfway right now (you try moving all of that bulk!) and he is working on his jumping skills in his free time.

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