Friday, April 17, 2009

opinionated and then some

After reading Becca's blog about husbands and their opinions... or lack thereof... I was inspired to blog our latest dilemma: paint colors for the baby's room. (Dialog is not exact as I am suffering from placenta brain at the moment.)

Me: John, I have the baby's room all ready to paint. Do you think I should paint it like the nursery in our old house?
John: (Uncomfortable) Ehm..

Me: What?

John: You're going to put up the wallpaper border again? Huh. I wasn't really wild about the colors on the walls in our old house.

Me: Even in the nursery? That room was seriously my favorite thing about that house! (It was stinkin' cute! Check out the pics below for proof.)

John: Well, I just don't like colors on the wall. Why don't we just keep all the colors in this house the way they are?

Me: (Exasperated) Because it is boring! Beige and white doesn't add anything to the room. I don't have to do two colors in there. I could just do one. How about I use light colors instead? Would you like that better? How about this light yellow color for the nursery? It matches the wallpaper border and the bedding.

John: I like white.

Me: How about this light green? It would bring out the colors in the comforter.

John: How about white?

I think you get the picture! So I am all ready to paint the baby's room, I am just waiting for the paint color debate to resolve. Yeah right! So if any of you women out there are frustrated because of your husband's lack of opinion, feel free to borrow mine for a few hours. It will change your perspective drastically. Don't get me wrong, I like that he cares if I keep my hair long and how the house looks, just sometimes it might be easier to get things done around here if he didn't care! =)


Rebecca said...

Hmm.... but isn't a main advantage of being a *house*wife getting veto power on decor in the *house*? If not, I think it should be. :)

The Whitings in Philly said...

I've probably told you before, but we have that same bedding set in our nursery, the border and all. And I have LOTS of color (green and blue)! So yeah, definitely's so fun to decorate a need something cute to look at during all that time you sit in there and nurse and try to get your baby to go to sleep! :)

Brad, Adrienne, McKenna, Bryn said...

I like the yellow and blue!! Green would be adorable! What is wrong with the wall paper?

Heather said...

My dad thinks that the only color to paint ANYTHING is white. The first time he walked into my very purple and green dining room he said, "I didn't know color could look good on a wall" Hello?? I would tell John white walls are for his office, the trim can be white. If he doesn't want it pink to make a decision that is something not girly. I am mean though. Tom's got just enough opinion that he's livable, and YES housewife = veto power in decorating, period :) Good Luck!!