Tuesday, April 21, 2009

more fun with names

So if the baby were born today he would officially be named: Obi-Wan Tissue Box Steven Anthony Hungry Traverso... according to the kids... and John. Oh, and don't forget to pronounce Anthony as ant-knee. Think Sylvester Stallone in "Oscar."

John and I are in the we-should-really-come-up-with-a-name-but-just-can't-find-one-yet phase. Although we have had some good laughs out of trying. One friend suggested Luke just so that John could say, "Luke. I am your father." Too funny, right? Mostly we just joke about every name we could possibly NOT name the kid. For instance, our old favorite: Zachary Issac Traverso. The name itself is not too bad, but can you imagine the teasing that would insue when we monogramed his backpack with his initials?!

Other names that run in a similar strain:
Ryan Andrew Traverso
Timothy Issac Traverso
Brian Anthony Traverso
Brandon Ryan Andrew Traverso

and our new favorite:
Peter Anthony Traverso who we would call Patrick. Go figure.


Andrea said...

Gosh, I like them all so much! Zit is awesome....

Heather said...

My mom wanted to name my little brother Phillip Micheal Sp....yea, PMS are great initials for a boy...names are so funny and hard :)

Stevens1007 said...

HAHA! These are so fun! You look great in your pregnant pics! Hope you are doing/feeling well. Happy Birthday, too!

~Oh, one of Aaron's brother's initials ARE: PMS!