Saturday, April 25, 2009

happy birthday to me!

Today we celebrated my __th (fill in the blank) birthday! I have officially hit the age where I will not freely admit how old I am. =) The boys woke me up with a treasure hunt to find my birthday present and breakfast at a nearby diner. We spent the day in the beautiful sunshine watching Sam play soccer and enjoying time as a family. The day ended with John taking me out to dinner for some super yummy asian food at Pei Wei. I don't think I could ask for a better birthday!
Here are just a few fun pics of our day. Enjoy!

We call this one "fun with pipe cleaners." John and the boys gave me a scrapbooking cart and some fun craft supplies for my birthday. The pipe cleaners were a big hit!
Our little family after a day in the sun. Where's James? Asleep! Of course!

I think this is the first pregnancy picture we have taken of me since Christmas. I am in the sixth month somewhere around 24-25 weeks, I think.


Amy said...

Aren't you darling! Happy Birthday!

Jewels said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! Mine was Sunday! But I WILL freely admit that I turned the glorious age of 38 on April 26, thank you God!

Your pregnancy pic is gorgeous. You look terrific!