Thursday, March 19, 2009

tubes again

Thanks everyone for the congratulations/condolences! I just needed a day to reset my thinking. I was so sure it was a girl... but now we are all -James excepted- looking forward to another sweet baby boy. James keeps insisting that the baby is going to be a girl! Gotta love that three year old mindset!
Anyway, maybe the reason James is so grumpy is that he is having ear problems again. He has had a persistent ear infection for the past month and after a visit to his ENT today, will be getting tubes back in his ears next week. Poor kid! I would be grumpy too!

So now that we know we have another boy on the way, we are in desperate need of names...


International Tease said...

I thought you were naming him Obi-Wan Traverso?

Jewels said...

Bummer about James and his tubes! I will say a prayer for him, honey. As for names, I'm thinking you all need a Zeke. Ezekiel. :)