Tuesday, March 24, 2009

stupid computer

We have a Dell laptop that is 31/2 years old. It has always had a loose connection where the power cord plugs in... at least we are pretty sure that is why the battery died within a year. We had barely used it on battery power , but since the plug wasn't in as it should have been, it drained and then failed to recharge the battery. Of course it took us until after the warranty expired to discover all of this.

Anyway, lately the connection has become so loose that I have to sit and hold the power cord in with one hand while I type with the other. Bugger! Stupid computer!!! It is a simple problem to fix, we just have to replace the motherboard which costs about $200-$400. Ugh!

Has anyone else had better luck with Dell or should I look into a different brand for my next computer? I am ready to throw this one out of the window!


Becca said...

get a mac! they seriously don't have problems :) I've had mine over two years and it's never had a single problem.

Danielle said...

I agree Mac is the ONLY way to go!! I even convinced my mom to get one and she loves it!

International Tease said...

agreed. I think Dell has gotten way overpriced, especially since they're not great computers. I had to replace the motherboard on my computer less than a year after I got it (thankfully, it was a work computer, so I didn't have to pay for it). Every Mac I've had has been superior to the Dells I've used for work/school.