Tuesday, March 31, 2009

new calling

Since it has been announced in most of the wards in the stake, I can now share the news about John's latest adventure. He was released from the stake high council (and no, it wasn't because his wife is crazy, I checked) and called as the stake clerk. What it means is that he has a whole lot of stuff to do and even more meetings than before. The plus side: he doesn't have to write a talk every month and he will usually be in the clerks office at the stake center so the kids and I can always pop in and say hello. Wish us luck!


Rebecca said...

Of course he has a new calling! They time each new calling with each new baby, right? :)

Congrats, John!

Steph said...

Never a free moment. You guys are too active. You need to mix it up a bit:)

Jacob Quinn said...

Good luck with the new calling; I'm sure the Lord will bless your family for his service. Jake