Saturday, February 21, 2009

the mystery of the missing garbage can or Samuel meets pavement

So last Wednesday (as in a week and a half ago) I dragged myself off the sofa to put out the trash and recycling before I collapsed again and didn't resurface until Saturday or Sunday. On Monday, trash day again, I went to put a bag in the trash can and... I couldn't find it. Seriously, the trash can was GONE. I asked all of the neighbors around us and no one knew where it went. I called the garbage company and they didn't take it. It just disappeared. So after a week of no trash pickup (the company we use will only pick up trash in the designated trash can) I started getting desperate and left notes on some of the neighbors houses all along our street. This morning I got a call. I woman who lived across the road and down toward the opposite end of our street called to let me know they had our trash can. Thank goodness! Although we were puzzeled as to how our trash can made it quite that far. I think it must have had some help other than the wind. Do teenagers go joy riding on trash cans these days???
Anyway, I decided to take the boys for a walk this afternoon to get some fresh air and so we could reclaim our trash can. We were about 8 minutes walking distance when Sam, walking with his hands in his pockets, tripped and did a face plant on the road. He started screaming and looked up at me with blood oozing from one side of his face.
We are talking some serious roadrash here. The picture doesn't really show how bad it was. My poor boy! Being pregnant and recovering from the flu it took all of my energy just to walk in a straight line so there was no way I could carry him. We started the walk back home stopping to pick up our trash can on the way. I made sure I help his hand the whole way just to be sure he didn't trip again. Seriously, Samuel inherited my grace. Not many people can walk across a perfectly flat surface and land flat on their face. That takes real talent!

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