Saturday, February 7, 2009

the great preschool search

So we are planning on putting James in preschool this fall to get him ready for Kindergarten. I really wanted to put him in a program similar to the preschool lab we had Sam in at Upper Darby High School. The problem is, the program at Strathhaven HS only allows for 15 kids, half girls, half boys, and kids in the program the previous year get first pick. That basically leaves only a couple of spots which are filled by pulling applications out of a hat. Ugh! So I have begun a preschool search in the area trying to find 1) somewhere that is close 2) somewhere not outrageously expensive (yeah, I know, good luck with that) and 3) somewhere that still has openings. Pretty much all of the four year old programs in the area are already filled! So far James is on two waiting lists.
So after calling and emailing programs friends had recommended, I did a google search for preschools in Wallingford and started calling. Well, Friday I got a call back from The Pumpkin Patch Preschool. Their program had seemed pretty nice online so I was waiting to hear from them. However, as the woman on the phone was giving me directions to come for a tour, I realized I had made a big blunder.

Me: Now where are you located?
PP Woman: Just down Route 5 across from the shopping center that has Lowe's and Home Depot.
Me: Huh. (Figuring out why Rt 5 doesn't sound familiar at all) I didn't realize there was a Lowe's there. I'll talk to my husband and we will get back to you.
PP Woman: (Not realising that anything is off.) Ok. Bye.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Philly suburbs I will clue you in on the problem. There is no Route 5 in the area- none, zero, zip, zilch. Apparently in my haste to find a school, any school, with open spots I contacted a school in Wallingford, Connecticut! Umm. That is a little too far a commute for my taste.

I think I made the Stupid List with this one!