Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was listening to NPR today and the topic of the news story was some insane skateboarders who were louge boarding down a scary curvy mountain road in the midst of traffic. Talk about a death wish! Anyway, I don't know if the reporter felt obligated to make her report hip because the report was about skateboarding, but she stuck in some words and phrases which stuck out like a sore thumb.
Case and point: "The Malibu government isn't hating on all kinds of skateboarding..." and "To find an adrenalin rush? Whatever! (said in a valley girl tone)"
Since when does any self respecting journalist use the phrase "hating on"? Much less a middle aged, well educated, probably caucasian, female reporter! Seriously! Someone needed to smack this woman or at least have the charity to edit that mock English out of her report. I was truly embarrased for her.

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Jacob Quinn said...

Hating on? Don't you live in Philly? How Yoo doin'?

I guess Bryn Mawr was enough in the -burbs to not hear that all the time... Drexel sure was an "educational atmosphere" for me in more ways than one!! Of course, now I can jive in Spanish and Arabic- Can't wait to get sent back to Korea and pick that up next time!