Monday, October 20, 2008

Samuel flashback

The following took place October 5, 2005...

We had our first ER visit with Samuel (age 2). In the car on our way to park day Sam stuck a couple of raisins up his nose. At first I thought there was only one. So I pulled over and had him blow his nose. One raisin came out so I figured we were in the clear. (No pun intended!) We continued on to the park. However, a few minutes after we arrived I noticed that his eye was all teary and his right nostril was leaking raisin juice. So I called John and we went to his office- I figured we could have Daddy take the raisin out. John was all confidence until he used his otoscope to look up Samuel's nose. The raisin was lodged all the way up his nasal cavity blocking off where the eye drains out, which is why Samuel had a watery eye. John had no intention of trying to get that raisin out! Jesse, a PA who worked with John, jokingly called him a wimp and said that he would get the raisin out. However, after a turn with the otoscope, Jesse agreed with John. So next we called the pediatrician. They laughed when I called and told me that they had another kid in the office with something up his nose too! They said to take Samuel to the ER. So we loaded up in the van (John came with us to expedite the process) and headed for the hospital. Just as we were pulling in to the hospital, Samuel let out an enormous sneeze. Jokingly I asked him if he got the raisin out, but I didn't turn around to check. When we went to get Samuel out of the van, sure enough, there was the raisin the size of a grape on his lap! We went into the ER to borrow an otoscope to make sure he got all of them out. Thankfully, John sounded the all clear! (pun definitely intended) The rest of the day we couldn't stop laughing, especially because Sam kept saying, "No raisin in nose. No raisin in nose."
The moral of the story: Take care and watch out for those raisins!


Heather said...

When Taylor was about 18 months, I think, he put a mini M&M up his nose. It was so funny. I pinned him to the ground and pinched his nose so it cracked the shell. When he was screaming sufficiently, I put my hand over his mouth and blocked the other nostril and it came shooting out. My mom thought it was hilarious...I was just glad it was done. :)

Amy said...

When Avalon was 3, she got a Thomas the Train Christmas ornament stuck in her teeth, and we had to have a dentist remove it. I was laughing myself to tears the whole time!!