Wednesday, October 8, 2008

further proof that the church is true

In an article released on, President Monson announced that the temple in Philadelphia will be built in the city at the Broad Street and Spring Garden area. Check it out for yourself!
The church also owns some land in Valley Forge and many of the members in the area assumed if we ever got a temple it would be built there. Although it would be a picturesque spot, it would not be practical for many of the members - especially those who live in the city and depend on public transportation.
I wish you could all be here to feel the excitement. Anytime there is a gathering of members, the temple is the first topic of conversation. We are thrilled beyond words to finally receive this blessing we have been praying for for years!


Zack said...

I'm so confused about which lot it will actually be on. The first time I saw an announcement, it said that the temple will be on the corner of "Broad and Spring Streets" (which I assume meant Spring Garden). That made sense. In fact, there's an empty lot on the NE corner there. But now it says just a few blocks south on Broad in between Hamilton and Noble, which is directly across the street from the Philadelphia School District office. There's just a parking lot there, so it could well be that site. I'm just thrown off a little bit because of the conflicting announcements. Anyone have further insight? It's not like I prefer one site over the other, but I just want to know the exact site because I'm like that.

yamsey said...

If you click on the actual article it lists the Broad Street between Hamilton and Noble location. I am betting that is where it is.