Friday, October 10, 2008

the nature of COLD

The temperature took a serious dive the beginning of this week which started John and I on our traditional fall discussion - turning on the heater. John is on the conservative side. He believes that unless the snot dripping out of our kids' noses is turning into icicles, the house is warm enough. I, on the other hand, believe that keeping the house colder than 70 degrees is torture far worse than anything they can come up with in Guantanemo Bay. Of course, I was born and raised in the desert so anything under 80 degrees is cold and anything below 60 is frigid.
The crux of the problem is that John doesn't understand that keeping the house at 68 degrees in the summer is different than keeping the house at 68 degrees in the winter. Why is that you may ask?

1) Insulation in these older houses is sub par.
2) When you walk inside the house dripping sweat a cool house is relaxing; when you come into the house after being so cold that you feel like your joints have frozen solid, 68 degrees is barely warm enough to melt the icicles in your hair.
Of course the debate isn't usually about keeping the house at 68 degrees, it is about when to turn the heat on for the first time. When we wake up in the morning and the house is below 60 degrees, I believe heat is a must. John takes a little more convincing. I can't figure out if this is because he is so financially conservative or if he is so used to the cold that it doesn't affect him the way it does the rest of humanity.

Does anyone have a similiar issue?


ShaNae said...

Yes! I'm with you. 68 degrees is not an ok temperature for a house if you ask me. Even lower than that is just torture. I've been ready for the heat to come on for a few days now. Unfortunately, it's up to my landlord to decide when.

Meeker home said...

Oh my word, I could write volumes on the number of "discussions" Nate and I have had on this very subject. We are exactly the same as you and John. But seeing as we (you and me) are the ones that actually stay home all day long, I think we should definitely get the final say!

Amy said...

YES! If it was up to Bryan, he would leave the AC off all the St. George-summer long just to save a few bucks. "I'm not home during the day, so why does it need to be on," he says...Uh, well, because I"M HOME DUH!!

VIKING ZEN said...

This is classic. I, too, grew up in warm weather, so the minute the temps drop into the low 60s, I'm miserable. We're still discussing whether to keep the thermostat at 65 or 60 (with the option of jacking it up to a balmy 68...NOT...when we're in a particular zone of the house). I'm not happy.

preethi said...

YES! Dan just does not understand the fact that 70 degrees with A/C and 70 degrees with the heater are two entirely different things.