Monday, June 23, 2008

tooth fairy

Samuel lost his first tooth tonight! IWe get to play the tooth fairy for the first time! Sometimes, parenting is so fun!!!


echecchio said...

What kind of tooth fairy will you be? I only got a quarter...maybe a silver dollar once...but it was definitely coin. I think my nephews get a few dollars.
Very exciting news though. Did he yank it out or wiggle till it was on the last thread?

yamsey said...

We gave him a silver dollar. I guess that makes us a pretty nice tooth fairy. I only ever got quarters. He was eating a taffy at a softball game and just came over to me with a tooth in his hand. It was actually kind of funny.

Rebecca said...

Oh, gosh--my favorite Simba is getting soooo big! This is some serious big-boy territory. :)