Friday, June 13, 2008

Erin needs...

This is too funny! What you do is go to and type in "(your name) needs" and see what pops up. Here is my list!

Erin needs...
a drink (so true, too bad I don't drink- oblivion would be good right now!)
a liver transplant (I sure hope not! See above)
another miracle (amen!)
to wear shirts (ummmm...)
some love and support (doesn't everyone?)
a tv show (that would be pretty dull for you guys)
a boyfriend (I don't think John would agree with that! Or maybe he would...)
help (obviously)
to eat a sandwich (come to think of it, I am hungry)

Since I had so much fun with that (sorry if you didn't), I did it for John too!

John needs...
help (him too, huh?)
to embrace family values (actually he's pretty good at that)
a good nickname
to get his patootie back here (he he he he he!)
an iPhone (is that really a need?)
13 bottles of water (umm, okay????)
our prayers
rest (don't we all!!!)
an iron (yes, but can he use it)
lunch money (if you know John this is really funny!)
a haircut (too true! I guess it is time to make an appointment)

Go on, you know you want to try this yourself!

1 comment:

Erin said...

That is funny. Trevor's name brought up a good list.