Sunday, June 22, 2008

Myrtle Beach

We just got back from our week in Myrtle Beach. It was so great to get to spend time with John for a week and there is nothing better than lying on the beach listening to the waves crash and watching the kids go crazy playing in the sand. We divided our time between lying on the beach, playing at the water park with the kids, shopping at the nearby outlets and enjoying the rides on the boardwalk. Oh, yeah, and there were several yummy meals in between.
Here are a few pictures of highlights on the trip.

This last picture is the solution John (the I-will-only-make-one-stop-on-this-10-hour-drive Nazi!) came up with for the boys instead of stopping to use a suitable restroom. When I was a kid my dad at least pulled over on the side of the road. My, how things have changed!


Heather said...

For the most part is looks like it was alot for the last part...that's just dad was a driving Nazi too...we got to go when the car needed gas...Tom and I stop about every 90 minutes as to not go nuts...bathrooms just help make the time go faster. :)

ShaNae said...

So fun... and so nasty. Peeing in a soda bottle? I'm glad I'm not a boy. Girls don't have that option.

yamsey said...

Yeah, the boys kept asking why I didn't use the bottle too. I think I'll wait till they are a little (ok a lot) older before I explain that one!