Thursday, April 17, 2008

fun stories

Just a couple fun stories of the boys from the last week...

Last Friday we had Samuel's best friend and his little brother stay the night at our house. We took them to a fun fair at the Healthplex where they jumped on the moon bounce and raced through an obstacle course until they were so tired they could barely walk straight, then we took them home. The younger boys were asleep by nine but Sam and his friend stayed up talking until well after 10. When I went in to check on them later, they were both snuggled up on Sam's bed, sound asleep. It was so adorable! I'm so sad I didn't think to take a picture.

Tuesday night John went out to dinner with his partner and some drug reps. James, who had taken a four hour nap (woo-hoo!!) was wide awake at 9:30 when he got home. John took him upstairs and read James some stories for a while. James was holding onto a lightsaber and started playing around, "Look at my flashlight, Daddy!" John laughed, "That's not a flashlight, silly. That is a lightsaber." James looked at John and said, "But Dad, I am using my imagination!" I love it!

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