Tuesday, March 4, 2008

smarty pants

The other day Samuel was telling John and I what he had learned in preschool. They had been studying some of the presidents because of the president's day holiday. He showed us a picture of George Washington and told us he was the first prophet, I mean, president. (His words, not mine.) Then he showed us a penny worksheet and told us that Abraham Lincoln was on the penny.
John said, "Did you know that he was the 15th president?"
Samuel looked at John and I swear he rolled his eyes as he said, "He was the sixteenth president, Dad."

Such a little smarty pants!!


Heather said...

That is so funny! I love it when kids can do that...even if as a parent it makes me feel a bit foolish :)

International Tease said...

That's fantastic!! I clearly need to come and visit Sam.

Also, I need to send you their presents from Zambia!