Friday, September 21, 2007

sibling relations *sappy warning*

I am the youngest of five kids. My whole life I remember trying to measure up to my brothers and sisters. At some point, however, I realized that I would never be as patient and kind as Lisa or as organized and driven as Keri. I also knew I would never be as fearless as Jared (although that is probably a good thing) or as intellectual as Tyler. I learned to be myself and be happy with that. For the most part I am happy - although I could still use some of Lisa's patience in my parenting skills!
It is interesting watching as my kids get older how their personalities develop and how they relate to one another. Samuel is timid and intelligent. He picks up way more than I give him credit for! He is fascinated by the world and asks millions of questions. He is teaching me to be creative with how I answer him. He doesn't ask easy questions. Lately - thanks to a recent primary lesson - he keeps asking me how Jesus created things (froot loops, lucky charms, toys, cars, etc.). What exactly do I say to that?! Is he too young to hear creationism vs the big bang theory? He is also very bossy and competitive - a true firstborn.
James is my wild child! He loves playing outside- he actually cries when I tell him it's time to go inside. He is all boy - he loves swordfights, sports, running everywhere he goes, trains, climbing anything and everything and mimicing his big brother. When Sam played tball this spring it was all we could do to keep James off the field. He was more interested in playing than Sam was. He tackles Sam on a regular basis just for the fun of it. John thinks James is going to be a linebacker for the Eagles, heaven knows they could sure use one! He loves to read but isn't as interested in general learning like Sam was at that age, he just wants to move. He is also very much a youngest child - although I try not to spoil him too much.
They are so different but they love each other fiercely, even more fiercely then they fight. Yesterday while they were sitting at the table eating yogurt and cereal, out of the blue Samuel said "I love you James." James replied, "I love you too, Am (he can't say his s's yet)." And that was that. I just hope they stay that way.

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